Humber Music. is an independent production company, with in-house producer/songwriter, based in Lincolnshire. UK.
The foundation of our business started out early 70's as a recording studio and record label, recording and producing singles and albums for local and regional artistes, and for corporate clients. In 1981 extended a natural progression into the record retailing market with Humber Records, a prime high street record store, with a self contained recording studio located above on the first floor.
The Recording Studio during the 70's The Studio: during the 1970's, looking from the control room.Initially a 4 track studio then upgraded to 8 track. It was initially built just to record my own demo's, but word got around and groups and artistes started hiring the studio, and things developed from there.
Recording Studio in 1980's In 1980's, the Studio was upgraded to 16 track and moved to the first floor above the record shop, Humber Records This is the control room with the 26 channel mixing desk and the JBL main monitors.
The Main Studio This is the main studio area of the 16 track studio.
retail shopIn the1980's the business expanded into the retail market as Humber Records, a successful high street record store, situated in Grimsby, Lincolnshire UK.
Les & Rod Temperton in Los Angeles,1986.Rod Temperton & Les Johnson in L.A.
In 1986, whilst Les was on business in Los Angeles, he met up with Cleethorpes born songwriter Rod Temperton who wrote the title tracks to Michael Jackson's albums, 'Of The Wall' and the worlds biggest sellling album 'Thriller'. And also writing songs for a host of other American artistes.
Les said, 'I had a great time and he gave me some interesting tips and advice on the business of songwriting. He has his feet firmly on the ground and what a kind and generous man he is, as well as a genius of a songwriter/producer.He deserves all the success that he has achieved ever since he wrote 'Boogie Nights' among other songs for Heatwave, in the early 1970's. I learned a lot just being in his company, it was a great honour for me, which has inspired me in my own songwriting.'

Les in a Recording Studio Production Suite:

Les has been involved with songwriting, recording and producing artistes and bands since the early 1970's, as well as live performances with various bands, and then embarked on a solo singing career since 1994. In 1997 he was invited by Chris de Burgh to sing on stage with him at his live concert at Harewood House Leeds, and then stood-in for Chris for two nights during his concert at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester in 1998.

Pictured here in a recording studio production suite working on a recent new project. 'Ive been working on this high profile project for quite some time now, in and out of the studio writing and recording some new material which I'm very excited about. The genre I write in is very pop orientated, keeping it simple with a memorable melody line, a catchy chorus and lyrics which basically tells some kind of story which most people can relate to. My first song to get recorded was in 1966 which was for an album track for the band I was in at that time when we were recording in Italy. Then in the early 1970's I started taking songwriting more seriously, and inspiration and creativity can come when you least expect it to in parts of a song.
I remember recording the demo to a particular song in the studio, and I went way off the beaten tracks of the original idea of the song but I just kept on singing the first thing that came into my head then I stopped and said, 'sorry I got carried away I wasnt sopposed to sing that' and the producer engineer yelled in my headphones, 'where the hell did that come from, can you do what youve just done again it was brilliant, thats it, thats bloody amazing, we'll keep that in' You see sometimes things get created by sheer accident and when that happens its just magic!

Les in a Recording Studio Production Suite:
Les Johnson, the founder of the company has now clocked up, over 40 years experience in the music business as a well respected musician/singer-songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, and a world record holder,
yes, a World Record Holder!
A New World Record: In 1969, at The famous Winter Gardens in Cleethorpes, drummer
Les Alan Johnson at the age of 24, set a New World Record, for the Worlds longest Drum-solo of; 109 hours, 6mins, 39 secs, and thats with No breaks and No sleep for six days. Now that's one incredible feat of achievement! Just staying awake for six days was a record in itself. Dont try this at home. It was officially authenticated by the Guinness Book of World Records.

We have built Humber Music on the foundation and strength of our past years of business experience, dealing with thousands of trade and retail customers. Which just shows you, how committed, serious and professional we are about the way we approach our business.
With record producer and songwriter Les Johnson at the helm of the Humber Music team, which has been set up with the desire to make our products, of the past, present and future, available worldwide, via our web-site on line shop. Most of our singles and albums released in the 70's & 80's was only ever produced on 7" & 12" vinyl. Among the first of Humber Records releases, was an album by one of Grimsby's most popular band in the 1970's, 'The Brothers Band'. Then in 1976, a compilation album called "Humber Beat" of various pop groups in and around Grimsby in Lincolnshire. One of our popular local singles was Grimsby Town FC's anthem.."Up The Mariners" originally recorded by local group Pisces and it was released in 1978 to celebrate Grimsby Towns Centenary Year. In the same year Les collaborated with Singer, musician Tommy Degnan who recorded and released Halifax FC's antham, 'Shaymen of Halifax Town' on Humber Records, which is still being played and sung by the fans to this day.
It was also featured on ITV's Sports programme on Sunday 13th November 2011, during Halifax v Charlton Live FA Cup game.
The following year 1979, Les went on to write and produce another football song, this time for 1st Division Nottinham Forest FC. 'Come On The Forest' was recorded and released on 7" vinyl by The Fans on Soccer Records, when Nottingham Forest won the European Cup against Malmo and was in the FA Cup final at Wembley. The legendery Brian Clough was the manager then, when he signed the very first £1 million player, Trevor Francis. The song 'Come On The Forest' has now been included on a compilation CD with other well known national football anthems.
In 1985 Les teamed up with musician Rod Letter and together they recorded and produced the hit record, 'Makin' It' which got into the UK disco-charts.
In that same year Les & Rod wrote and produced a song for Grimsby Town FC, 'See The Mariners' which has now been digitally re-mastered and released on a CD single.

In 2007 Les wrote, recorded and released a CD single inspired by his wife Veninia called 'Filipina Girl' & 'Love of My Life' which is now selling all around the world.

We have now blown all the dust and cob-webs off some of the selected original recordings and we are now digitally re-mastering them and re-issuing them on CD. Some have since become sought after and collectable. We will also be producing and releasing some brand new Humber Music productions on CD in the near future. So keep logging in to our web site, and tell your friends our on line-shop is now open for business

Whether you are just a retail customer, retail store or distributor wishing to purchase our products or a record/publishing company wishing to licence songs, or an A & R Executive, Management Company looking for new material for your Artistes projects, we welcome you all to, Humber Music's web site. We look forward to meeting you and doing business with you in the near future, via our web site.
Humber Music's priority is to give good service and to keep our customers and clients happy!
From the team at Humber Music................HAPPY BROWSING & SHOPPING!

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PLEASE NOTE: As an independent production company, we DO NOT accept unsolicited material of any kind, (ie: music demos or lyrics)

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